Clinical Practice

A successful dental education program is built on a well-designed, well-supported, robust clinical practice program.

TCDM is making provisions for all three.

Our clinical program is focused on exposing students to the breadth of dentistry, giving them maximum time to improve their skills, using the latest technology to deliver superior patient care. 

Our clinical instruction will take place in a new, state-of-the-art clinic containing 132 dental units. Of these 132 units, 112 will be grouped into eight “Clinical Practice Units” of fourteen (14) chairs each. We will be pairing our D3 and D4 students into two-person clinical practice teams (CPT). Twelve to fourteen teams will occupy a single clinical practice unit (CPU), staffed and supervised, by three faculty members (a clinical practice leader, a clinical practice faculty member, and two part-time clinical practice instructors), a dental assistant, and a clinical clerk.

For almost two full years, students will have the benefit of working in teams, sharing the responsibility of being the doctor in charge. More experience and exposure means superior clinical skills and confidence.

photo of dental clinicphoto of dental clinic