Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.

Clinical Professor of Dental Medicine in Epidemiology

Touro College of Dental Medicine

photo of Barbara Greenberg

Dr. Barbara Greenberg is Professor of Dental Medicine in Epidemiology at the Touro College of Dental Medicine (TCDM) where she teaches Introduction to Biostatistics and Introduction to Epidemiology. Prior to her time within the TCDM,  Dr. Greenberg was a Professor and Department Chair of Epidemiology and Community Health in the New York Medical College  School of Health Sciences and Practice (2013-2018) and an adjunct Professor in the  Department of Dental Medicine in the New York Medical College (2015-2020). Prior to this, Dr. Greenberg served as Director of Institutional Research, Associate Dean of Research and an Associate Professor at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Most recently, she served as a Professor and founding Director for the Center for Global Health at Old Dominion University. 

Over the course of the past 15 years, Dr. Greenberg has focused her research on the connection between oral health and overall health, working to engage oral health care providers in efforts to control chronic disease epidemics that may also impact oral health care. Additionally, she has been committed to expanding the role of oral health care professionals in early disease risk screening for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and HIV. Over the course of her extensive career, Dr. Greenberg has served in positions in both national and international settings working on diarrheal diseases and malnutrition, and her work as a research scientist has been instrumental in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Clinical Specialty



  • Ph.D., Immunology and Infectious Diseases/Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • M.Sc. International Health,  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Recent Publications

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Journal of the American Dental Association, Editorial Board Member