Body Donation

Studying the human body is an important part of dental education and understanding the human body.

The donation of a body for medical education and research is a lasting contribution to medical science and humanity. We are grateful for the generous donations we receive through our Body Donation Program, which make human-anatomy training possible for our students.

In order to facilitate this donation the following preparations must be made and regulations followed:

A donor card will be mailed to donors upon receipt of a copy of the signed and witnessed bequeathal form.

The College has the right to decline a donation due to recent surgery, autopsy, infectious disease, decomposition, or obesity.

If you wish to donate your eyes to an eye bank, please contact: The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration, 120 Wall Street, New York, NY  10005-3902.  Telephone:  (212) 742‑9000.  This would not prevent donation of your body.

Touro College of Dental Medicine will pay the Funeral Director's expenses for transportation if within a 75‑mile radius of the Valhalla campus.  All expenses relating to death certificates will be the responsibility of the donor's family and/or estate.

After completion of the scientific research and study (approximately 2 years from the time of death), the remains are cremated privately in a dignified manner. The Dental College holds its own memorial service each spring in grateful acknowledgment of the donation. Family members are invited. If you wish, the cremains can be returned to a Funeral Director for burial or to a designated individual (see Confidential Statistical Information sheet). Burial without cremation can be arranged through your Funeral Director at your own expense.