American Dental Association President Visits TCDM

NYS, New Mexico ADA Leadership Tour Campus, Clinic and New Facilities at Touro College of Dental Medicine

September 01, 2023
(L-R) Dr Duraid Sahawneh, president-elect 9th District Dental Assoc; Dr Edward Farkas, TCDM vice dean; Dr Anthony Cuomo, NYS Dental Assoc president; Dr George Shepley, ADA president; Dr Ronnie Myers, TCDM dean, Dr David Manzanares, ADA 2nd VP; Dr Brendan Dowd, 2nd District ADA trustee; Dr David Katz, TCDM asst dean clinical affairs
(L-R) Dr. Duraid Sahawneh, Dr. Edward Farkas, Dr. Anthony Cuomo, Dr. George Shepley, Dr. Ronnie Myers, Dr. David Manzanares, Dr. Brendan Dowd, Dr. David Katz

Last month, Touro College of Dental Medicine (TCDM) was thrilled to host the president of the American Dental Association (ADA), Dr. George Shepley. Dr. Shepley visited TCDM along with New York State, 2nd District ADA Trustee Brendan Dowd, NYS Dental Association President Anthony Cuomo, and ADA 2nd Vice President David Manzanares from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Touro Dental will soon be opening a satellite clinical facility.

Dr. Shepley met with TCDM leadership, faculty, students and toured the school, visiting the Simulation Lab, the new Konikoff Education Center, and the Orthodontic Clinic currently under construction. The group also toured the Touro Dental Health patient care clinics and the New York Medical College campus.

Dr. Shepley’s visit, along with leadership from NYS and New Mexico, which include the executive directors from both state dental associations, Mr. Greg Hill and Dr. Tom Schripsema, provided organized dentistry a glimpse into Touro College of Dental Medicine’s new initiatives along with its amazing facilities. “This visit provided our New Mexico partners an opportunity to hear from the Ninth District and the New York State Dental Association on how our students and faculty have been engaged with the community along with bringing much needed care to the lower Hudson Valley. I couldn’t be more excited than seeing the camaraderie we have created here in New York and looking forward to the new relationships we will develop in New Mexico,” said Dr. Ronnie Myers, TCDM dean.

Jordan Sahawneh, TCDM Class of 2025 president and Touro College of Dental Medicine American Student Dental Association chapter president was excited by the chance to meet with leaders at the helm of the profession and greatly enjoyed the lunch with the leadership, “Meeting with ADA President Dr. Shepley during his visit to TCDM was an incredible opportunity to discuss the dental student perspective on the state of our dental education. It was also an honor to express our thoughts regarding the ever-evolving field of dentistry,” said Sahawneh.

The excitement of TCDM leaders and students was matched by Dr. Shepley who was awestruck when he saw the simulation lab and shared, “This isn’t the lab I learned in! You are so fortunate to have this kind of technology, and opportunity, at this school!”