First Residency Fair at Touro College of Dental Medicine Prepares Students for the Future

Class of 2020 meets with dental residency programs to begin preparations for their future careers post-graduation.

February 05, 2019
Third-year students enjoy TCDM's first Residency Fair

Touro College of Dental Medicine hosted its first Residency Fair on Friday, January 25th, providing opportunities for its inaugural class to meet with over 25 residency programs from throughout the tri-state region.

Students had the opportunity to explore residency programs in all areas of dental medicine including pediatrics, orthodontics, periodontics, and general dentistry, and ask questions in a casual and open environment. In addition, TCDM faculty held informational sessions on their specialties to give students a broader perspective of the field and provide guidance as they begin planning their career paths after dental school.

“This is so beneficial,” commented third-year student, Isabel Yuabov. “It makes me feel a lot more confident in my decision. I’m from New York so I knew I needed a residency, but the fact that some of the programs I was already looking into are here and I can speak to them makes this process a lot less stressful.”

Unlike some states, in order to practice dental medicine in the state of New York, a residency is required after dental school graduation. According to the ADA, somewhere between 35 and 40% of dental students pursue advanced education in a residency program after graduating from dental school. Of the students from Touro College of Dental Medicine’s class of 2020, 52% call the tri-state area home.

Third-year student, Alaina Edelmuth said the experience took the weight off of her shoulders. “I’m not from New York, but I intend to stay here after graduation. Looking into residency programs is overwhelming because there are just so many options! Being able to attend this event and meet the program directors and residents was incredibly helpful. They gave us information that we couldn't have learned on our own and guidance on how to approach making the best decision. It was a priceless experience,” she said smiling.